102 Book - Education, Society, Curriculum and Learner (H) - HARYANA D.El.Ed / J.B.T. 1st Year (Hindi Medium) Book - VINOD PUBLICATIONS ; CALL 9218219218

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Cover Complete Syllabus:

Unit 1: Philosophical Understanding of Education   30 Hrs. 18 Marks   Exploring and inquiring into the nature and need of education in human societies   Relationship between schooling and education and exploring various educative processes in human societies  Understanding the basic assumptions about human nature, society, learning and aims of education   Ancient Indian Vedic Philosophy of Education and Gurukul System  Schooling and Education as visualized by different western and Indian thinkers: Rousseau, Dewey, Montessori, Gandhi, Tagore, Krishnamurti,  Vivekanand, Gijubhai, Aurobindo and Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati  7  Unit 2: Education, Politics and Society                18 Hrs.  12 Marks  Prominent characteristics of education in India during colonial rule  India’s Contemporary Education: continuities with and shifts from colonial legacy  Development of Indian Education System in context of Politics  Role of education in reproducing dominance and challenging marginalization with reference to class, caste, gender and religion  Teacher and society: A critical appraisal of teacher’s status   Unit 3: Learning, Learner and Teaching                  22 Hrs.  14 Marks   Learning: concept and nature   Learning, knowledge and skills: different ways of learning   Meaning of teaching and its relationship with learning and learner   Socialization and learning: understanding influences and factors that shape learner’s identity   Learners in Context: Situating learner in the socio political and cultural context   Unit 4: Knowledge and Curriculum         30 Hrs.  18 Marks   Child’s construction of knowledge: attaining knowledge through activity and experience   ‘Body of knowledge’ and children’s construction of knowledge  Concepts of Belief, Information, Knowledge and Understanding  Bodies of knowledge: different kinds of knowledge and their validation processes  Processes and criteria for curriculum selection and construction   Knowledge and power: representation, inclusion and exclusion of knowledge of different social groups in curriculum and textbooks  Unit 5: Learning in Changing Scenario               10 Hrs.  8 Marks   Education facilitation agencies: MHRD, NCTE, NUEPA, NCERT, CCRT, SCERT, DIET and their role in changing scenario  Curriculum Frameworks: NCF-2005, NCFTE-2009 8   Innovative Teaching–Learning approaches: Web Technologies, MOOC, NROER, SWAYAM Portal, TE Portal, ePathshala, eBasta and other online learning tools 


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