104 (E) Book - Pedagogy and ICT Across the Curriculum English Medium (Normal Size Edition) 1st Year Book PUNJAB D.El.Ed / E.T.T. - VINOD PUBLICATIONS ; CALL 9218219218

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Syllabus Covered as per Punjab SCERT :-

Unit 1: Frameworks for Teaching and Learning

.   Learning Environments in School Contexts   

Idea of building as a learning aid (BALA); Laboratory, Resource Room, Library, Play Ground.

Ways of Organizing Schools, Classrooms and Learning Process and its critical review

Organization of Non-graded, Grade-based and Multi level schools and classrooms: peer tutoring, team learning and individualized learning programmes and critical examination of these methods.

Planning for teaching

· Need for (and approaches to) planning for the year or term; unit plans; planning for specific classroom sessions; planning for specific students

· Teaching: Phases of teaching- Operation of teaching phases - preactive, interactive and post active; Levels of teaching –Memory, Understanding and Reflective levels and their practical use in class room situation.

· instructional objectives in terms of Blooms Taxonomy

Specific Units can be selected in each of the school subject to concertize the experience of planning classroom teaching Managing classroom learning and use of Audio Visual Resources

· Managing teaching-learning materials and resources; Types, Selection and utilization of teaching-learning materials and resources.

· Critical review of the impact of audio-visual media on students and Strategies for using audiovisual media in further learning – films, documentaries

Unit 2: Role of Assessment in Teaching and Learning

Distinguishing Assessment for Learning and Assessment of Learning

· Assessment: Meaning, Assessment verses Evaluation, Types and stages of assessment and Importance of assessment.

Strategies for Assessment:

· Strategies for formative assessment: Creating learning profiles including portfolios; error analysis; developing and using assessment rubrics

· Strategies for summative assessment: Designing effective tests; preparation of a Blue print

· Critical review of teaching and assessment practices based solely on tests and examinations

Unit 3: Use of Library and ICT Resources

. . Managing and Using the School Library  

· Using library as a resource in planning for teaching  

· Guiding students to use the library as a resource for reference  

· Critical review of current library practices  

ICT in Teaching-Learning

Computer Fundamentals: Hardware & Software

· Introduction to computer: Functional overview of a computer and its parts.

Role of ICT in Teaching-Learning

· Application of computers in teaching learning process ( attendance, Evaluaton, e-Content, Daily Planner etc)

· Critical examination of the role of ICT in contemporary education.

· ICT-based teacher professional and Capacity development: Academic and Research content on the web: e-journals and abstraction services; E-learning, E blooks

Modes of Transaction

· Critical reading and discussion of specific texts/articles to broaden exposure and develop conceptual clarity (For Units 1, 2 & 3)

· Critical observation of schools and classrooms to understand alternative ways of organizing these; appreciate the elements that make for ‘learning environments.’

· Observing, documenting and interpreting classroom interactions; analyse situations that reflect a distinction between learning experiences and learning outcomes and understand key ingredients of a sound pedagogy

· Analysis of content and presentation in school textbooks, for visualizing understanding perspective and for pedagogic elements required for their usage in a classroom

· Develop (a) concept maps and activities for theme based curriculum design, and (b) teaching plans for a selected topic/concept in a subject. (All the above for Unit 1)

· Develop a portfolio of assessment tools and designing assessments tools for the above (For Unit 2)

· Practical exercises for developing competence in use of library, Preparation and presentation of ppt and word file for teaching on any topic at the school level for use of ICT resources (For unit 3)

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