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Unit 1:   Need, Importance and Objectives of teaching of English      18 Hrs.12 Marks   What is language: First, second and foreign language?  Language as means of communication and thinking  Need and Importance of teaching of English at elementary stage  Aims and objectives of teaching of English as second language at elementary        stage  Key factors affecting second language acquisition  Role of mother tongue in teaching of English     33  Unit 2:    Listening and Speaking              18 Hrs.12 Marks          Developing/Improving listening and speaking skills  Listening with comprehension to follow simple instructions, public announcements, telephonic conversation, class-room discussions, radio, TV news, sports commentary etc. (Note: All the above activities should be organised in the class-room)  Sound system of language- phonology and prosody  Stress: word stress and sentence stress in connected speech, rhythm and intonation  Using dictionary for correct pronunciation and stress  Punctuation         Teaching Listening and speaking skills  Phonemic drills (with the use of minimal pairs e.g. bit- beat, bet- bat, full- fool, got- goat etc.)  Organizing listening and speaking activities: rhymes, poems, songs, telling stories, role play and dramatization from ‘My Book of English’ I-V (at least 5 examples of each)  Practice of correct pronunciation of some new  words and mispronounced words in the textbooks of primary classes   Unit 3:   Reading                15 Hrs. 10 Marks    Acquisition of reading skill  Reading with comprehension  Inferences, analysis and extrapolation  Reading strategies including word-attack strategies  Discourse analysis  Using reading as a tool for reference skills i.e. use of dictionary, encyclopedia and internet  Using ideas of literary terms i.e. simile, metaphor, alliteration, paradox, irony and satire to analyse chapters from textbooks  34  Teaching Reading Skills  Creating environment for reading- setting up reading clubs, class libraries and reading corners  Reading aloud and silent reading  Reading different types of text like stories, poems, riddles, jokes and instructions for games  Accent and Tone with proper stress and intonation  Unit 4: Writing        15 Hrs. 10 Marks        Improving Writing skill   Need and importance of good handwriting, causes and effects of bad handwriting  Genre writing  Process of writing : brainstorming, drafting, conferencing, revising, editing, modifying, and publishing  Writing a paragraph: identifying a topic, making sentences, arranging sentences in a logical order and joining them with linking words and phrases  Teaching Writing skills  Writing as process  Mechanics of writing (stokes and curves, cursive and print script, punctuation marks)  Controlled/guided writing (verbal and visual inputs)  Free and creative writing   Unit 5: Grammar                    30 Hrs. 18 Marks  Parts of speech (noun, pronoun, adjective, verb, adverb, preposition, conjunction and interjection), Idioms and Phrases  Kinds of sentences, subject-verb agreement, tenses, clauses and connectors  Non-finites, voices, narration in practical usage    35       Unit 6: Text analysis and lesson planning    14 Hrs. 8 Marks  Text analysis of primary textbooks ‘My Book of English’ for classes I-V   Need and importance of lesson plan, characteristics of a good lesson plan, format of lesson plan   Preparation of lesson plan based on prose, poems and grammar items along with innovative TLM/aids  

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