F-1.6 & 2.6 Xxii (E) BOOK (PU) - Pedagogy Of Economics (English Medium) SEM - I & II Book Panjab University (P.U)

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Syllabus (SEM-1): P-1.1 & P-1.2 

UNIT I: Economics: Context and Concerns a) Concept, importance and scope of Economics as a school subject. b) Understanding Economics in relation to Commerce, History, Geography, Civics, Mathematics, Statistics, Agriculture and Science c) Aims and Objective of teaching of Economics at Secondary Level in light of NCF05. 

Unit - II: Pedagogical Issues a) Methods of Teaching: Lecture, Discussion Method, Inductive- deductive method, Project Method, Survey Method, Cooperative learning Method b) Techniques of Teaching: Supervised Study, Jurisprudential Enquiry, Dramatization, Brain-Storming, Field trip and Simulation 

UNIT III: Curriculum and Professional Development a) Concept of curriculum and role of curricula in development of economic values and critical thinking. b) Text- Books; Importance and Qualities, Supplementary Material. c) Economics Teacher: Qualities and Professional development (concept, need and ways of professional development) 

UNIT IV: Content from NCERT Text books a) Sectors of Indian Economy b) Agriculture and national Economy c) Poverty as challenge

Syllabus (SEM-2): P-2.1 & P-2.2 

Unit I: Pedagogic planning a) Blooms revised taxonomy of writing behavioral objectives in context of Economics lesson Planning b) Concept, Need and importance of a lesson plan, Approaches of lesson plan: Herbartian lesson plan, RCEM approach and Constructivist approach c) Planning for teaching Economics – Annual plan, Unit plan, Daily Lesson plan and Short/Diary Lesson plan. 

Unit II: Teaching Learning Material a) Importance and classification of teaching learning material with special reference to Edgar Dale’s Cone of Experiences b) Charts, Graphs, Models – Working & Still, Specimens & Objects, Multimedia in Economics teaching c) Learning Resource : Primary and Secondary 

Unit – III: Assessment and Evaluation a) Concept, importance and tools of Evaluation b) Peer assessment; use of Rubrics and Portfolio in assessment of Economics c) Open-book tests: Strengths and limitations. 

Unit – IV: Content from NCERT Text books a) Globalization and Indian Economy b) Consumer Rights c) Food security in India 

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