GNDU (E) - CP I & II (A) Viii Pedagogy Of Economics (E) GNDU Sem 1 & 2 Combine (English Medium) Guru Nanak Dev University Book

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Cover Semester - 1 & Semester - 2



1. Meaning, nature and scope of Economics. 2. Historical background of Economics. 


1. Need of teaching Economics in the school curriculum for holistic development of the students 2. Correlation of Economics with Commerce, Mathematics, Statistics, History, Political Science, Geography and Science. 


1. Aims and objectives of teaching of Economics at different stages:- (i) Secondary Stage (ii) Senior Secondary Stage 2. Current affairs- meaning, scope, utilizing current affairs in teaching economics. 


Pedagogical Approaches: Interdisciplinary Approach, Experiential Approach, Co-operative Learning. 



1. Methods: Meaning, Characteristics of Good Teaching Method for Economics. 2. Various methods of Teaching of Economics: Lecture Method, Discussion Method, Project Method, Survey Method, Inductive - Deductive method (With special reference to behaviorism, cognitive & constructivism learning theories) 


1. Devices and Techniques: Assignments, Seminars, Symposium, Supervised Study, Excursions. 2. Evaluation: Concept, Need and Importance. CCE: Concept, techniques & weight -age distribution (VI to VIII, IX, to X). 


1. Types of Test: Essay Type Test, Short Answer Type Tests, Objective Type Tests along with merits and demerits. 2. Teaching Micro skills with special reference to five skills.  Skill of introducing the lesson  Skill of questioning  Skill of Explanation  Skill of stimulus variation  Skill of graphical representation


1. Lesson Planning: Meaning, Characteristics and Steps of Construction of Composite Lesson Plan. Integration of projected and non projected teaching aids with lesson planning. 2. Specific topics for composite lesson plan  Demand and supply  Revenue and cost  Importance of Agriculture  Functions of Money  Functions of Banking  Circular flow of income  Law of diminishing marginal utility 

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