Vinod 101 Book - Childhood and Development of Children (H) - HARYANA D.El.Ed / J.B.T. 1st Year (Hindi Medium) Book - VINOD PUBLICATIONS ; CALL 9218219218 - Dr. Chaman Singh Thakur


101 Book - Childhood and Development of Children (H) - HARYANA D.El.Ed / J.B.T. 1st Year (Hindi Medium) Book - VINOD PUBLICATIONS ; CALL 9218219218

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Unit 1: Perspectives in Development

 Introduction to development: concept and introduction to perspectives in development, humanistic psychology and developmental theory • Enduring themes in the study of development: development as multidimensional and plural; Development as continuing through the life span; ways in which development is continuous/discontinuous; socio-cultural contexts influencing development 2 • Gathering data about children from different contexts: naturalistic observations; interviews; reflective journals about children; anecdotal records and narratives; clinical methods with reference to Piaget 


Unit 2: Physical - Motor Development


• Growth and maturation • Gross and fine motor development skills in infancy and preschool children • Role of parents and teachers in providing opportunities for physical-motor development e.g. Play, activities etc. • Educational implication of the knowledge of motor development 


Unit 3: Social, Emotional and Moral Development

• Social theories and gender development: meaning of gender roles, influences on gender roles, stereotypes, gender in the playground • Moral development: perspective of Kohlberg and Carol Gilligan’s critique; cultural variations in moral reasoning • Basic understanding of emotions: characteristics and factors affecting emotions • Development of emotions: types of emotions, development of emotions in early childhood and school years, some emotional problems of children and their psychological handling, attachments- Bowlby & Ainsworth • Personality development: Meaning, Nature and assessment, Freud: psycho-social development-Erikson: influence of early childhood experiences on later personality 


Unit 4: Childhood

• Childhood as a modern construct: childhood in the context of poverty, globalization and adult culture • Commonalities and diversities within the notion of childhood and how multiple childhoods are constructed with particular reference to the Indian context

Unit 5: Contexts of Socialization

• Concept of socialization: family and adult-child relationships; parenting- Baumrind, child rearing practices • Dealing with children: Separation from parents, children in crèches; children in orphanages • Schooling: peer influences, school culture, relationships with teachers, teacher expectations and school achievement; being out of school, overage learner • Relationships with peers: friendships and gender; competition and cooperation, competition and conflict; aggression and bullying from early childhood to adolescence • Social, economic and cultural differences in socialization: learning and behavioural difficulties; implications for inclusion

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